Trees Provide 25 Eco-Services

Trees provide more than two dozen valuable eco-services, but rarely can I actually name more than 6 or 8. This essay is for future referencing, and contains a list of these services. If you think of others, please add them to the comments.

Golden Gate National Recreation Area, Oakwood Trail August 2022

Each of these deserves more than a sentence, but this list gives me a reference point when in the future.

Why does SymSoil care? We focus on solutions to environmental issues, with a focus on soil biology. Trees and plants feed, and are fed by, the soil microbiome. Healthy soil influences water, carbon sequestration and human health. SymSoil holds a patent on the first scalable approach to manufacturing Soil Food Web products as an alternative to agrochemicals.



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Elizabeth Pearce @ SymSoil

We recreate the complete soil microbe biome to improve farmer profits. #RegenAg #ClimateAction #100KTrees