The World’s Most Ambitious RegenAg Goal = RegenIowa

Elizabeth Pearce @ SymSoil
2 min readApr 20, 2022


RegenIowa launched in last week, in mid-April 2022. We will move 1 million acres of conventionally farmed corn and soybeans in Iowa to biological or regenerative farming by 2025.

Photo Credit: Kelcy Gatson

We can do this by proving to farmers that lowering input costs will improve their profitability. Their input costs will decline and plants will thrive when provided the complete soil ecosystem through SymSoil RC Liquid Gold. Unfortunately, we have a limited supply — SymSoil has a patent on a scalable approach to manufacturing Soil Food Web type material, with a full complement of wild sourced, regionally specific biology (bacteria, fungi, amoebae, flagellates, algae, beneficial nematodes, micro arthropods and other protists. )

But the bioreactors, marketing and working capital needs are beyond the resources of the 3 companies working with RegenIowa. Like a lever on a fulcrum, now is the time when relatively small amounts of help can make a significant difference:

Kickstarter — Please visit our Pre-launch Page

Having never done a Kickstarter campaign, I am really hoping someone offers to help us with this

Visit Kickstarter is one of 3 fundraising options -

Donate to a non-profit RegenIowa (which this week got a twitter handle @RegenIowaNow)

Support the Kickstarter campaign which we expect to go live on Friday

Invest — There are 3 owners of the SymSoil Iowa Production Hub — and we are seeking additional investors, for the Iowa hub or SymSoil Inc (a women-led California B-Corp) which holds the patent and the brand. Accredited Investors Only -Contact me ( for information

Join us Friday (4/22) at the Earth Day Network event, co-sponsored with WeDontHaveTime

It will live streamed at approximately 1pm eastern on April 22nd. It will be available on Earth Day Network’s social media platforms and on this page:



Elizabeth Pearce @ SymSoil

We recreate the complete soil microbe biome to improve farmer profits. #RegenAg #ClimateAction #100KTrees