FDR’s Great Wall of Trees and the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022

Image courtesy of USDA.gov Blog and University of Nebraska

The Nation that Destroys its Soil, Destroys Itself

In permaculture circles, The Nation that destroys its soil, destroys itself is frequently invoked as a reminder that Living Soil is a carbon sponge that literally holds society together. Trees and plants, need Living Soil, as opposed to Dead Dirt, to provide food, clean air and making life possible on land. The oft used quote comes from a letter by President Roosevelt, where he called the program “Great Wall of Trees.”

Wikipedia Article Great Plains Shelterbelt

Fast forward 80 years

Today, foresters throughout the Midwest responsible for monitoring the shelterbelts throughout the central Great Plains have been reporting that these programs have lost their effectiveness. The trees are old, or have grown too close, or been supplanted with undesirable, short-lived trees.

It is not enough to protest for change. Similarly, it is not enough to expect the government to plant all the trees needed to respond to climate change.

Today is Friday. I encourage you participate in Fridays for the Future (FFF) by going outside and planting or protect one more tree today.

Why does SymSoil care? We focus on solutions to environmental issues, with a focus on soil biology. Trees and plants feed, and are fed by, the soil microbiome. Healthy soil influences water, carbon sequestration and human health. SymSoil holds a patent on the first scalable approach to manufacturing Soil Food Web products as an alternative to agrochemicals. SymSoil is a supporter of 100KTrees4Humanity, an urban tree planting project focused on action that moves us towards solutions to climate change with equity and inclusion.



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Elizabeth Pearce @ SymSoil

Elizabeth Pearce @ SymSoil

We recreate the complete soil microbe biome to improve farmer profits. #RegenAg #ClimateAction #100KTrees https://www.100ktrees4humanity.com